Chapter 3. Driver options

Your application has to initialize libdbi drivers by setting some driver options with the dbi_conn_set_option() and the dbi_conn_set_option_numeric() library functions. The firebird driver supports the following general options:


The hostname or IP address of the Firebird database server. Use "localhost" or the real hostname of your local computer to connect to a Firebird server running on the local machine through the network (this is the only way to connect to a local super-server). Do not set the host option if you want to work with a local database, without going through a server.


The name of the user accessing the database.


The password of the user accessing the database.


The name of the database used for the initial connection. If your program must be able to connect to a fresh Firebird installation, use the test database libdbitest created by make check.


The IANA name of a character encoding which is to be used as the connection encoding. Input and output data will be silently converted from and to this character encoding, respectively. If you set this option to "auto", the connection encoding will be the same as the default encoding of the database.

In addition, the following firebird-specific options are supported:


This is the directory that holds the Firebird database files. Depending on the settings of the host option, this may refer to a directory on a local or on a remote machine. The ownership and the permissions must match the mode of access. If you create or access a file locally (i.e. with host not set), the account you're logged in needs write and execute permissions. If you set the host, the account your server runs in must have write and execute permissions. This is true even if you connect to your own machine via localhost. Default server installations use the "firebird" account. The database directory should then be owned by firebird:firebird with write and execute permissions for both the user and the group. It should then be sufficient to add yourself to the firebird group to gain access to the database directory.